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Familylight has been impressed with several books written to convey a non-fiction message where that message is presented in the dialog  between fictional characters in a novel. 

Initially we will be focusing this section on offerings of the Arbinger Institute, which is gradually (and very fortunately) gaining influence among treatment programs.  Both of the stories described below include depictions of characters in the stories being taught Arbinger principles, and make the case that application of these principles is transformative both in personal relationships and in business. 

Anatomy of Peace  --  This story begins as parents   leave their teenage sons and daughters at a therapeutic wilderness program.  With teenagers gone to the wilderness (all but the one who runs off) the parents gather for an educational session with the leaders of the program.  The leaders are an unexpected pair.   The elder of the two is a Palestinian who had been a close associate of Yassir Arafat at an earlier time.   The younger man is an Israeli Jew who had been embittered against the Palestinians when his father was killed in the Yom Kippur war.   This odd couple leads the parents through a transformative process.   The main character in the story, Lou Herbert, is the father of a young man who has just entered the wilderness program.  Lou appears later in Leadership and Self Deception, where we learn what happened in his life following the events of this story.

Leadership and Self Deception --  A highly successful business executive changes jobs, going to work with at the company Lou Herbert (introduced to us in Anatomy of Peace) grew to an industry juggernaut.   The executive learns why he needs to learn about how better to deal with people if he is to survive in Lou's company.  

We seek reader recommendations of additional stories to be included here.  

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