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We think it is just as important to surface information about controversies as to provide references to publications we fully endorse.  We will be expanding this section and would like to add additional publications recommended by readers. 

The Bipolar Child by Demitri Papalos M.D. and Janice Papolos. This book is based in part on the research that caused the mental health community to recognize the existence of Juvenile Bipolar Disorder for the first time.  The book has generated some controversy.  The principal criticism is that it too broadly describes juvenile bipolar disorder.  We leave it to the scientists and psychiatrists to fight that battle.  We can state that apart from the research on which the Papolos' book is based, the old view that a child cannot have bipolar disorder would still be the prevailing view.  Very few if any contemporary mental health professionals would now deny that there is such a thing as childhood bipolar disorder.  Many would question the breadth of Papolos's criteria for diagnosis. We think it is important to understand the controversy regardless of your point of view about it. 

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua We don't usually list a book that none of us has read, but we confess to not having read this one. The book is about the author's experience as the mother of two teenage girls, as she understood the Chinese approach to child rearing and how it contrasts with the American way. Her style was a blend of the two.  

Tom Croke heard the Amy Chua speak about the book and the controversy it created at an IECA conference.   She gave a fair summary of the "Tiger Mother" approach to parenting.  She pointed out both pros and cons as opposed to telling us why the Chinese way is better, having acknowledged that the approach was a total failure with her younger daughter.  Contrary to what one might expect from the criticism that erupted when the book was published, Ms. Chua acknowledged that the Chinese approach is likely to inculcate better self discipline, but is just as likely to stifle creativity. 

We believe this is a study in cultural contrasts worth exploring.  We found Ms. Chua's speech valuable as a source of insight into the contrast we so often see between high achieving Asian scholars in American schools and their American counterpart.  Just how much of the Chinese way should we copy?      After hearing Ms. Chua, we did not experience the need to read the book.  But for those interested in the strengths and weaknesses of American education who have not had the experience of hearing Ms. Chua, the book should be of great interest.

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