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This space will be used for responses to our Questionnaire.  The Questionnaire was released to the first few schools and programs on April 3,  2009.  We anticipate some delay in receiving returns.  The Questionnaire is detailed enough that we expect that organizations immediately motivated to respond will need several weeks to work out their responses.  We expect many more will not respond until they see others responding.  Therefore do not be surprised if there are few responses here for some time.

It is almost June now and we have not received a fully completed questionnaire. We respect the fact that this questionnaire calls for a level of disclosure that has never been requested previously from schools and programs.  Extensive responses would create a new paradigm of transparency in communication between service providers on the one hand and consumers and referral sources on the other.  We believe that it is to the shame of both providers and referral sources that this paradigm has not been introduced long before this by people more powerful and knowledgeable than anyone at FamilyLight sm.

On a lighter note, our consultant, Tom Croke, is reminded of junior high school dances in the 1950's.  Everybody wanted to dance but everyone was afraid to be first.  This seems a bit like that, too. 

When responses come in, we will post them as quickly as possible, linking them with related program reviews.  We are experimenting with "Look and Feel" issues in presentation of questionnaire response, as the responses come in. 

Organizations with complete posted responses to the Questionnaire:

            None yet (April 29,  2009)

Organizations with partial responses or with posting in progress:

Organizations that have responded (in whole or in part), pending placement on the web: 

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