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The emails we sent out beginning in  the summer of 2009, promoting this website, are reproduced below.   

Email number 1 featuring the  Programs and More page of the website. 

Email number 2  featuring our Guidelines 

Email number 3  featuring   our Guideline on Positive Intervention

Email number 4  featuring   our Professional Interest page  and related areas of the website.

Email number 5 featuring   our Reviews of Schools and Programs

Email number 6 featuring our Reviews of Major Provider Organizations

Email number 7 featuring the Guest Review of Stone Mountain School by David Altshuler

Email number 8 featuring Neuropsychological Evaluations, contributed by Dr. Parth Gandhi

Email number 9 featuring Tom's Blog entries on the death of young man with bi-polar disorder and on the closure of Mt. Bachelor Academy.

Email number 10  features a guest review of Silverado Academy from Jodi Tuttle.

Email number 11 features reviews of Innercept and Intermountain.  

Email number 12 featuring updated review of Aspen Education Group and guest review of Birdseye RTC (also known as Birdseye Boys Ranch)by David Altshuler.  

Email number 13 featuring Tom's Blog May 2010 entry recommending against placement at Aspen owned programs

Email number 14 featuring The opening of Lake House Academy ; An Open Letter to Bain Capital and  Another Visit to Wilderness” 

Email number 14.5 featuring updating Another Visit to Wilderness” 


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