Parth Gandhi, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist
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This description is adapted from the promotional website of the Neuro Assessment and Development Center

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Dr. Gandhi is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and director of Neuro Assessment and Development Center, a Salt Lake City Assessment Center. The the best of  our knowledge, this is the only assessment center in the country offering neuropsychological assessment at any location of the client's choice. 

Dr. Gandhi  received his doctoral education in Clinical Neuropsychology from Brigham Young University.  He then completed an APA internship in Clinical Neuropsychology at the Utah State Hospital and did post-doctoral work at Columbia Medical School specializing in the evaluation and treatment of Neurocognitive disorders throughout the lifespan.  During graduate training, Dr. Gandhi spent three years in the LDSH Neurorehabilitation center and was the director of LDSH-Traumatic Brain Injury Research Study.  During this same time period, he was the principal investigator of a study to investigate Traumatic Brain Injury and the effects on the community in Utah, funded by the CDC.   In addition to directing Neuro Assessment and Development Center, he has been a consulting neuropsychologist to wilderness and residential treatment centers across the country, seeing over 1000 clients for psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.  

Prior to founding Neuro Assessment and Development Center, he was the Director of Psychological services for the Aspen Institute, a nationally acclaimed Psychiatric Hospital. In this position, he was responsible for the comprehensive and integrated understanding of each client and finalized each multidisciplinary report.  He also oversaw the  training programs for psychology and neuropsychology interns and supervised the psychology staff and consultants.  Dr. Gandhi continues to be a clinical supervisor for doctoral students at the University of Utah, Utah State University, and Brigham Young University. 

Dr. Gandhi has specialized in the assessment of children, adolescents, and adults with Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism, brain abnormalities, learning problems, and other neuropsychiatric issues.  He also spends time in therapy with the families of clients suffering with such issues and is involved with community education and advocacy.  Dr. Gandhi’s clinical and research interests are related to Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism related disorders, Quantitative and Functional Neuroimaging, as well as understanding the continuum of psychiatric and behavioral disorders that result from social and sensory deficits.  

Full services include Interviews, test administration, scoring, interpretation, report writing, and a follow-up visit for feedback and recommendations. Verbal feedback to parents will be give within 5 days of testing. Neuro Assessment and Development Center promises that a detailed and narrative report of the evaluation which includes recommendations will follow within two weeks of the evaluation.

FamilyLight sm affirms that the promised time frames, the pricing, and  the quality of the work done are all quite outstanding.  For example, in the New York City area, comparable work would either be subject to considerable delay or might cost approximately double Dr. Gandhi's fee plus travel expense.  (In New York state specifically, there might be some delay due to state regulation regarding non-resident psychologists.)

Official Website of Dr. Gandhi's Neuro Assessment and Development Center

Dr. Gandhi's article on Neuropsychological evaluation

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