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Forest Heights Lodge is a program we believe every therapeutic school or program in the country should study and probably emulate.  Forest Heights Lodge serves boys between five and fourteen years of age (although pre-adolescent boys at time of admission are strongly favored).  However, it is not just a model for serving very young boys, but has lessons for all ages and both genders.  No, we don't think every therapeutic service should be a carbon copy, but there are some principles  applied at Forest Heights Lodge that we believe should be nearly universally applied.  

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Some of these principles (that we believe should be universal) are:

         Treatment and intervention is relationship based.


      The most important relationships for each child are with the people who spend the most time with that child.  In general, these are the front line workers, not the therapists.


            The Lodge conveys the message at all times in speech and action, "We will take care of you and keep you safe, physically and emotionally. When you are not in control we go to you; we do not isolate you." (While Forest Heights Lodge applies this in all situations, as is appropriate to their population, we believe time out and separation can be appropriate at some times for some populations. We also believe that isolation is generally overused and that Forest Heights Lodge's approach would be more appropriate in most situations where isolation is actually used)."


It is also fascinating -- Is "fascinating" the best word? -- that the daily charges at Forest Heights Lodge -- one of the most intensive mental health services anywhere -- are over $100 per day less than most other quality treatment programs.  If Forest Heights Lodge can do with such great quality what they do, I must wonder why others charge what they charge. 


Forest Heights Lodge places its basic principles on its web site. The principles are simple and profound.  They are designed to promote a sense of safety and to develop relationships as the core of treatment.  Ray Curtis' article on discipline illustrates how the principles interact with the culture of the school. We also discuss Ray Curtis and Forest Heights Lodge in our Guidelines for Basic and Core Issues.


Ray's article on discipline is a simpler article than some others.  That is because it is extremely hard to put the warmth and joy and love of this facility (and of Ray personally) and its staff into words.   But if this facility were the role model for all residential treatment, we would have a far superior mental health system. 

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Discipline as Supportive Control -- An article by Ray Curtis, Director of Social Services at Forest Heights Lodge


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