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This review is has been updated. Members please see current full review.  Non-members, go to Introduction to Review.

This school is one that FamilyLight sm highly respects and expect to  review in greater depth.   Guest reviews are invited.  

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FamilyLightsm is an educational consulting firm specializing in work with families with a young person with behavioral, emotional or psychological difficulties.  We offer in-depth personal guidance to families on a fee basis and free guidance on the internet. FamilyLightsm attempts to be fully objective and accepts no advertising nor referral fees.

Note  (June 10, 2014):  A representative of Cherokee Creek has objected to two points in this review:    (1) The reference to imitation of another facility and (2) the reference to favoring boys who have been to wilderness.  Whatever may be true about the early days of Cherokee Creek Boys School, it currently stands on its own as unique and in its own identity, an identity we admire.  We need to probe further to understand their relationship to wilderness.  Cherokee Creek legitimately wants a good evaluation on boys prior to admission and wilderness presents a great opportunity for that.   But believe wilderness is an appropriate venue in the Cherokee Creek age group only on a limited basis. 

We are developing an article on wilderness that will further explain this concern.  We will subsequently post an updated review on our new format.  Meanwhile, the representative of Cherokee Creek Boys' School who contacted us assures us that wilderness is not a pre-requisite for admission to Cherokee Creek.  

We have visited Cherokee Creek on a number of occasions.  Shortly after it opened, it was modeled after another facility, which we also respect, but Cherokee Creek at that time compromised its quality by being a poor imitation on the one hand, and advertising for people with diagnostic profiles the appeared to be ill equipped to address successfully. 

Before long, Cherokee Creek found its own identity, and focused on what it can do well and has been a very high quality program ever since.  We believe that Cherokee Creek describes itself correctly in its own literature and that it is the very nurturing well conceived therapeutic environment that it claims to be. 

We have only one item of concern about Cherokee Creek, that we think may be one unresolved issue from the early days when Cherokee Creek was more an imitator than an innovator.  That is the emphasis on behavioral disturbance in its promotional literature and its preference for admitting boys who have been to wilderness programs.   This simply does not fit with the emphasis on being a nurturing program.  At FamilyLight sm we believe that wilderness should be used only with great caution and hesitation among middle school and younger children.   We also believe that wilderness is usually not appropriate for people on the autism spectrum, people with anxiety disorders,  and should be used only with great caution with people with non verbal learning disorder, regardless of age. 

A therapeutic school with a truly nurturing environment can do a very good job with middle school age boys with those characteristics we think are not ideal for wilderness.  We do think boys with those characteristics can be served very well at Cherokee Creek, however.  We would prefer to see Cherokee Creek admitting without encouraging a prior wilderness program in most cases (yes, we agree that there will be appropriate exceptions) but removing boys to wilderness when their manner of functioning in the program suggests the need for it.  This should not be difficult when both SUWS Seasons and Second Nature Footsteps are located nearby. 

While you wait for us to present a more complete review, please look around this website.  Look at our Guidelines -- a fairly comprehensive statement of what we believe quality is all about.  If you come to a search and planning process with limited experience, this is an opportunity for you to find some principles to measure schools and programs against.

Keep coming back to see the updates. Look at "What's New" (Announcements).  In spring of 2009 we expect to have returns from schools, programs, and related organizations published, giving deeper insight into these than has ever been available on the web before. 

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Disclaimer: No  program review, no matter how positive, is a blanket endorsement. No criticism is a blanket condemnation.  When we express our level of confidence in a school or program, that is our subjective opinion with which others might reasonably disagree.  When we assert something as fact, we have done our best to be accurate, but we cannot guarantee that all of our information is accurate and up to date. When we address compliance with our guidelines, you need to remember that these are only OUR guidelines -- not guidelines from an official source.  We have also set the bar very high, and do not expect any school or program to be in total compliance.  It is not appropriate to draw a conclusion of impropriety (or even failure to live up to conventional wisdom) from our lack of confidence in a school or program or from less than perfect conformity to our guidelines.  Some will say we expect too much. Readers are responsible for verifying accuracy of information supplied here prior to acting upon it. We are not responsible for inaccuracies.

Last updated  8-09-09; Note  added 6-10-14; Further updates not anticipated. Updated information on Cherokee Creek Boys; School  will appear in a new review in our new format

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