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CRC Health Group Code of Conduct 

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We at FamilyLight sm fully understand and respect the fact that CRC Health Group has the right to alter the terms of this Code of Conduct at any time, we want to display it as we read it and as it influenced our comments about CRC Health Group, Aspen Education, and Bain Capital.  While we did not see a copyright on the material copied, we believe this is "fair use" under the copyright law if CRC Health Group claims copyright. 





1, Policy Statement


It is the policy of CRC Health Group to conduct its business affairs honestly and in an ethical manner. That goal cannot be achieved unless we all accept our responsibility to promote integrity and demonstrate the highest level of ethical conduct in all of our activities. Activities that may call into question the Company’s reputation or integrity should be avoided. The Company understands that not every situation is black and white. The key to compliance with the Code is exercising good judgment. This means following the spirit of this Code and the law, doing the “right” thing and acting ethically even when the law is not specific. When you are faced with a business situation where you must determine the right thing to do, you should ask the following questions


 Is this the right decision for the Company?

 Am I following the spirit, as well as the letter, of any law or Company policy?

 What would my family, friends or neighbors think of my actions?

 Will there be any direct or indirect negative consequences for the Company?

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Fair Dealing

Our goal is to conduct our business with integrity.


CRC’s goal is to conduct our business with integrity and provide high quality care in the most appropriate setting. We should endeavor to deal honestly with the Company’s patients, students, customers, employees, suppliers and competitors. Under federal and state laws, the Company is prohibited from engaging in unfair methods of competition, and unfair or deceptive acts and practices. Employees should not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing. It is of equal importance that all employees be honest in all public statements, advertising and publicity. Employees must not express nor imply a promise of performance that we cannot reasonably be expected to fulfill.

CRC will respond to patient concerns or complaints concerning admission, treatment, discharge, or the quality of care. Each employee is responsible for identifying and responding to such complaints or concerns. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of supervisors or the Corporate Compliance Committee. All concerns should be reviewed, investigated, and responded to in a timely manner.

PA\10301974.4 999010-91052 4

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