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This is where I  post random comments about things on my mind as I go through life and my work.  Responses to Blog entries are be welcome.  To respond, send your response by email to with the subject line "Blog response."  Selected responses from the general public will be published. If you respond, you must provide us with your full name and contact information, but we will publish only your first name and the city or town where you live. 

If a blog entry refers to you or you represent a business or organization discussed in a blog entry, we will give you space for a professionally expressed response, and identify you and your affiliations. All replies become property of Thomas J. Croke and Associates, Inc. and may be republished at our discretion. By replying, you make your writing our property. 

For the Blog Space, we deviate from our usual pattern in our menu.  Selections appear below. 

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Tom Croke

May 19, 2008:  I have suspended monthly entries to "Tom's Blog" as the time I am spending on the website is going into other areas of development.  I'll be back soon, I hope.     TJC

July 18, 2008:  I am still limiting entries to special, timely issues, but I believe my July 2008 entry is special and timely.  TJC 

June  16, 2010:  I will continue to write about significant items.


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