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November 25,  2007  -- My first Blog entry. My goal for the evening is to transfer all of what is on the website to pages in the new format and eliminate the old format entirely from public view. 

It is Sunday.  Thanksgiving was just this past Thursday.  My wife's daughter and her husband and daughter were here from North Carolina and just left this morning.  We had other family here for Thanksgiving Day,  including my adult son. 

It remained busy during the holiday weekend.    One family was in crisis and needed support throughout the weekend. Their son had been in a psychiatric hospital, and was transferred to a wilderness program.  At that wilderness program, it was clear that the young man was suffering from Major Depression, severe type, which the  psychiatric hospital had failed to diagnose.  We needed to transfer the young man to a program for evaluation and stabilization.  Another young man who was to go to a wilderness program failed to come home the night he was to be taken there, and everything needed to be postponed for a day. 

People often question the difference between the private sector facilities and the public sector facilities. This situation demonstrates the difference.  A half dozen different people became involved in moving the situation forward with the depressed young man, helping the family to make a good decision without pushing them, and making logistical arrangements, taking into account both the young man's safety and comfort.

Looming ahead is the complaint I must make to the hospital that really badly messed things up.  I won't name the hospital here and I won't go into the whole story hare and now.  But suffice it to say that the misdiagnosis is but one small part of the huge problem created by the hospital's sloppy handling of the situation.  I did not refer the young man to the hospital, but I did have confidence in that hospital prior to this incident.  When I review that hospital on-line, if they can't convince me that they have taken action to prevent this kind of thing from occurring again, I will tell the whole story. 

On Saturday, Doug Kim-Brown, owner of Echo Springs, dropped by.  I told him of this project --  the expanded web site.  Doug runs a clean program.  He said that what I am doing will make some people sweat.  I'm not interested in making them sweat.  I am interested in making programs more accountable.  

Perhaps what I am doing will improve my business.  That is part of my reason for doing it.  I also want the industry to improve.  Perhaps straightforward reviews of the programs will create accountability and improve the industry.

Tom Croke, Greensburg PA, November 25, 2007

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