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                    Aaron's Father's Tribute

Aaron's father, Robert H. "Bob" Sekora,  spoke just before Rev. Ankrum. We put his words here rather than on the page with Rev. Ankrum's words to keep the emphasis there on the kind of person Aaron was and how Rev. Ankrum's comments focused on Aaron's illness that led to his death. However, we wanted Bob's words to be displayed in their entirety.

A Tribute to Aaron from Dad

At my mothers funeral service I spoke. About half way through I began to loss it. I paused and said three words to myself that helped me continue. They were "HELP ME MOM." Later, Dad said I don’t know how you could do that and I said I had help, Mom was with me. It’s hard to say goodbye to a mother you loved but to say good by to your son is beyond belief. I knew that I would have a difficult time doing this but I knew that it’s what I had to do and that Aaron would want me to. So to make it, once again, I asked Mom  for help and I asked Aaron for guidance. But to be safe I ask God to be back up. So if I falter then pause It’s because I’m asking my team for help. But with a team of Mom, Aaron and God I’ll make it.

Aaron Curtis Sekora, those of us who knew Aaron could not help but love him. We will all miss him and grieve his passing, but today we will celebrate his life. For today, is Aaron’s day.

But to start with I would like to tell you about a boy from Atlanta named Ricky. When Aaron was about fourteen he went on a mission trip with the church youth group to Atlanta. They were to spend a week with some children of Atlanta and work in the soup kitchen. When they meet the children Aaron noticed that they had their papers displayed and that they all had gold stars on them for doing so well. That is, all but Ricky; Ricky had no gold stars. The teachers told Aaron that no one could reach Ricky to help him. Aaron was drawn to Ricky like a magnet. So for the week, when he wasn’t working the soup kitchen he was with Ricky. By the end of the week Ricky was one happy boy because all his papers had gold stars. Now that’s a neat story. But, that’s not the end of the story. When Aaron went to say goodbye to Ricky, Aaron gave Ricky his watch to remember him by. When Aaron came home I asked him why did he give his watch away and Aaron said “because Ricky didn’t have one.”  Fourteen years old!

Then there was the time in Washington DC where there was a boy whose name I can’t remember, so let us call him Johnny. Johnny had more serious problems. Johnny could not or would not speak. No teacher or counselor could get Johnny to speak. But, just like Ricky, Aaron was drawn to Johnny like a magnet. Aaron began to draw and the teachers and counselor noticed that Johnny took a interest in what Aaron was doing. When they stopped back later to see how the two were doing they were amazed when they saw Johnny drawing. When they stopped back again they could not believe there eyes or ears because Johnny was now speaking. In the time of Christ this would have been seen as a miracle.

Aaron was truly gifted , he could reach out to children when no one else could. This was a gift from God. You could not learn it in any class at any university or from any  books, it was a true gift. Aaron could teach and heal the minds of children like no other and he had no great desire for material things. He was happy to have a roof over his head and something to eat.

One of his sayings is: “What if everyone swore a vow of simplicity”.

While many of us think we are following the teachings of Christ and or Buddha, Aaron truly lived their teachings and he tried to follow in their foot steps.

It is through Aaron that I find peace and strength and it is through one of the gospels. No don’t look in your Bible you wouldn’t find it there. Back in the fourth century when the Church fathers were deciding what gospels to include in the Bible they decided to omit the one I consider the most important. It is a collection of the sayings of Christ, his parables.

It is easy to see why the Church fathers had a problem with the Gospel of Thomas when you read the first Parable. Which is:

“Those of you who can interpret  these sayings will not taste death.”

Well the Church fathers had a problem, they probably could not interpret the sayings.

Years ago when I first read the Gospel of Thomas I saw it for what it was and that is a two thousand year old challenge from Christ. So I accepted Christ’s challenge and set out to Interpret his parables. So over the years I have been able to interpret some of Christ Parables.  

“Those of you who can interpret  these sayings will not taste death.”

The first part deals with Christ teachings to his followers to seek knowledge
 and to become an enlightened one like him and like Buddha before. For it would take an enlighten one to interpret these Parables.

The second part “they will not taste death” now this one is easy. It has nothing to do with death but every thing to do with reincarnation. For those that are reincarnated will once again experience the pain and suffering of birth, life and death. One of the teachings of Christ. And yes it is in your Bible if you know how to look “ those of you with ears let him hear.”

Another Parable was about the old fisherman who cast out his net and when he pulled it in had many small fish and a couple large ones. The fisherman took the large fish and cast the small ones back. This one was not to hard to interpret. The large fish represents the enlightened ones, those that are elevated to a higher plane in heaven and the small ones are the ones that are reincarnated, they are cast back to try again.

One of the followers asked Christ, who will be chosen and Christ said, “One in a thousand, two in ten thousand.” The odds don’t seem to good. But, Aaron did seek much knowledge engineering, fine art in every media, physics, teaching, healing,  psychology, philosophy and on and on and on. In addition he lived his life through the teachings Christ and Buddha. So I know that Aaron is one in a thousand two in ten thousand. Aaron is an enlightened one who is now on a high plane in Heaven.

But that is not the end of the story. Although all the small fish are cast back and reincarnated  the large fish, the enlightened ones, can at their choosing stay at a high plane in heaven or return to help others reach their goals. Knowing Aaron, as I do, he has already gone to God and said "you got to send me back, there is so much to do there is just so much to do".

My heart is a void!!!
Robert H. Sekora

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