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If you are ready to contract, hopefully by now you have read all of the information under Initial Inquiry on our menu.  Also we hope that by now all parties to custody to the young person you are concerned about have spoken with Tom Croke. It is the policy of FamilyLightsm to contract only after we have spoken by phone with all parties to custody of the young person of concern.   If the young person you are concerned about is legally an adult, we still need to speak with the person initiating this and perhaps with others. If you have not yet phoned us, and you want to purchase our services, please phone us now.  Contact Information

Most of our clients have spoken with us by phone long before making a decision to purchase our services. You need to phone us to finalize arrangements after having decided you want to purchase our services.  When you phone, please have the documents from Forms You Need printed and in front of  you. 

When you phone to finalize arrangements, we will give you our price quotation. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for two payments: Our fee and travel expense for the home visit.  Our fee and air travel must be paid in advance. All other travel expenses may usually be paid when billed after  travel occurs, although we reserve the right to require a deposit to cover travel in advance of travel. 

We will want to verify that you understand what we can do -- and what we cannot do.  When we are sure that everyone involved understands what to expect, we will set a date for a home visit and make payment arrangements.   We will also guide you in filling in the blank spaces in our service agreement you have downloaded and printed. You will then sign that and fax it to us.

Under most circumstances, we can be paid by credit card, personal check, direct deposit to our account (for clients who live in the area served by RBS subsidiary Citizens Bank or Charter One), or by wire transfer.  If we are paid by a means other than credit card, and the money is in our account as available funds before the start date on our service agreement, we give a 5% discount from the stated rate.  For clients using direct deposit, it is important to make sure the funds are deposited for immediate availability. Usually that requires a bank check or certified check or direct transfer from another Citizens/Charter One account.  Most clients take advantage of the 5% discount. Some clients ask about payments over time. We do not agree to that.  If you need to make time payments, we suggest that you use a credit card. That puts the billing and record keeping in the hands of someone in that business.

There are several things we want to point out about our Service Agreement form.  First, we will likely provide you with a copy with all blanks filled in before we expect your signature; when we do not do that, we will instruct you by phone how to fill in those blanks.  We do not want you to sign with blank spaces.  We also want to call attention to several points that you might overlook in the Service agreement if we do not call attention to them.  Air travel must involve an aisle seat or a first class/business class seat. For domestic travel we expect to use Southwest Airlines Business Select fares or Airtran Business Class. These are not the lowest fares but they are substantially lower than typical first class fares.  In case of foreign travel, International Business Class may be necessary.  Hotel selection is normally from the Hilton Family of Hotels, if at all possible in the price range of Hampton Inns. 

We do not accept referral fees from schools and programs and attempt to avoid conflict of interest. If we refer to a program where we have had a prior business relationship that we are aware of, we will disclose the prior relationship. We will definitely disclose any that have occurred within the past five years.  We currently are consulting with Falcon Ridge Ranch in Virgin, Utah, under common ownership with Red Rock Canyon School.  Our service agreement item 15 includes an acknowledgement that you knew about the relationship with Falcon Ridge Ranch prior to signing the Service Agreement.

Thank you for your interest.

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