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We 0ffer information here on how direct service providers and referring professionals can use this website to their advantage.  We will accept no paid advertising.  However,  with a touch of creativity, providers of service can use this website to get their own message across.   In addition, we hope to be a valuable source of information to professionals working with special needs young people.

New! Virtual Consultant is currently being developed to allow users of this website to use this website as a private consultant.  Click here for specifics! 

Most of what we publish here, under copyright, can be copied with permission of copyright owner subject to a few reasonable restrictions. Use of Site Content explains the rules.  We usually encourage you to use our copyright material under conditions that properly cite the source and give your constituency an opportunity to learn about us.  We hope that our website will be a resource to professionals as a vehicle to get information to the general public. 

We actively solicit information and opinions that either supplement or challenge our own entries.   By submitting for publication, you have an opportunity to advertise your own business.  Details appear at "For Contributors."  Subject to details at that web page, we will provide promotional space on this this website and links to external promotional websites in response to submissions that we publish. 

FamilyLightsm offers training seminars in work with high risk youth.

Our greatest impact on the providers will arise from the combination of our Guidelines, our questions from our Questionnaire directed to providers of services, and the responses you give us the Questionnaire, which we will publish.  For more information, please look at "For Schools and Programs," and "Questionnaire,"  and Guidelines.

We appreciate the fact that our Questionnaire presents a real challenge and some inconvenience to those providers who respond.  We regret any inconvenience that creates, but we also believe that the Questionnaire and Guidelines in the long run will be a great benefit to the better quality providers.

For more information, please select from the menu at left your area of interest.

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