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Questionnaire First Page

Many questions call for supporting documents and other attachments. You may find that you want to add an attachment to a question or group of questions where we have not requested it.  Here is how you proceed with attachments and supporting documents. 

Every attachment must be attached to a particular view. If you are attaching something that was not requested, you decide what View is most closely related to what is in the attachment.  At the end of the view where additional comments are solicited, tell us about the attachment.  If the attachment is a document requested in a View, you tell us what you are attaching in your response to the question or request that calls for the attachment and you attach it to that view.

You need to assign a View Number to each attachment. Start with the View number that you are attaching to. If you are attaching to a View with a revised View Number, you go by the revised number, not the original.  You need to determine how many attachments will be attached to each View and number them in the order that they are referred to in the View.  If you are attaching because a question or request calls for it, the location where you mention the attachment in your response to that question determines the order of attachments within the View.  That is, if there are three attachments with that View, you number them 01, 02, and 03 (note the two digit numbering).  The View Number of  the View you are attaching to will be the beginning of the View number assigned to the attachment.  Every View number has one decimal point or two.  If the View has one decimal point, the View Number for the attachment is determined by adding a second decimal point at the end, then two zeroes, then  two more digits specifying the order of the attachments with that View. For example, the second attachment with View 8.31 would be 8.31.0002.  

If the View Number you are attaching to has two decimal points, then there are also two digits to the right of the second decimal.  The View Number of the attachment is the View Number of the View we are attaching to followed by the two digit number specifying order of attachments within the View.  The third attachment to View 8.2341.02 would be 8.2341.0203. 

Once you have determined the  View Number of the attachment, enter that View Number at the place in the the View you are attaching to, where you describe the attachment. 

For each document you want attach or append, you need to download a copy of View 9.8.  That becomes the cover sheet for your attachment. Enter the revised View Number for the attachment as described above in the cover sheet as instructed in that document. When you have entered all information requested in View 9.8, including the revised View Number, print it. (You have not been advised to print other views until you get to Section 9 of the Questionnaire) If your attachment is made up of one or more pages that will easily scan as an 8 1/2 by 11 page, you  skip the next two paragraphs.

For oversized or irregular documents, you will probably need an oversized scanner.  You don't have one?  You will need assistance from an office supply store such as Office Max or Staples or something similar.  You need their assistance in getting the documents into a *.pdf file.  Ask them to append a PDF of your printed Cover Sheet and you are half done.  That *.pdf file will be submitted to us later with the *.doc and *.xls files you will be submitting to us for electronic display on our website.

The next part is a bit trickier.  We need to find a way to get that attachment into the *.pdf or series of *.pdf files you will submit that will largely come from scanning paper printouts of your *.doc and *.xls files.  The simplest way is to simply print out the *.pdf file you just made according to the previous paragraph onto 8 1/2 X 11 paper, if it will be legible. The second choice is when you get to submitting a copy of the *.pdf of the entire response as just one *.pdf in a series of *.pdf files that makes up the  all *.pdf scan version of your submission. 

If the attachment scans easily, you simply scan it into a *.pdf file in your own scanner along with the cover sheet. This gives you the necessary electronic version and the paper version you started out with. If you do not have a scanner but have a fax machine, you may create this *.pdf by faxing to 775-890-0597.  If you choose to do it that way, email us first to let us know, then fax each attachment as a separate fax with the fully completed printed cover sheet (from View 9.8) on top as the ONLY cover sheet.

Preferably you will end with two versions of the attachment. (1) a print version of the attachment and its cover sheet (that might need to be adjusted according to the paragraph immediately before the  previous previous paragraph ), and (2) an electronic version as described. 

Questionnaire First Page

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