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The very first thing you need to do is to create a unique ID.  If you are in the US, your five digit Zip Code will be the first five characters of your unique ID.  If you are in Canada, the first five characters of your postal code are the first five characters of your ID. If you are from neither US or Canada, instead of a postal code, the first five characters are the first three letters of your city then the first two letters of your country.  For example, the first five characters of New Summit Academy in Atenas, Costa Rica would be "ateco."  When we at FamilyLightsm see an all-number first five characters, we know this is a USA organization; when we see a mixture of letters and numbers, we know it is a Canadian organization; and when we see all letters we know it is an organization based in neither the USA or Canada. 

Ordinarily, the next three characters are the first three letters of the name of the facility, not counting words such as "a," "an," and "the."  We will assign two additional characters when we receive your questionnaire.  Until we do that, please complete your ID with "XX" for the last two characters.  For example, if we at FamilyLightsm (with a zip code of 15601) were to set up an initial unique ID we would choose  "15601famxx."  Since we are also known as Thomas J. Croke and Associates, Inc., we could just as easily have chosen "15601thoxx."  You might have a similar option and it won't make much difference which way you go. 

But here is something that will make difference.  If there are two organizations based in the same zip code with the same first word in the name, that would produce two organizations with the same leading eight characters.  In that case, the five digit zip code and the  first three letters of the name would be alike. Aspen Ranch and Aspen Achievement Academy in Loa UT would have this problem.  If you are aware of another organization in your postal code that would lead to the same eight characters leading the unique ID, then change the three letters to something else that abbreviates your name, but would differ from the other organization.  Aspen Ranch might take "84747araxx" while Aspen Achievement Academy would take "84747aacxx."

Step 2: We need a submission number. This is very simple.  If this is your (that is, your organization's) first time to submit responses to a questionnaire, your number is 1.  The first time you update it, your number is 2.  When you submit your update with the submission number 2, your ID will be the same as this submission, except that the final two characters assigned by FamilyLightsm will be included replacing the "xx."

After providing a complete submission, you might later want to amend one part.  That is simply a revision of the same submission and a new submission number is not needed. The same applies if you submit a response to our questionnaire and we tell you it is incomplete in some way.  Providing additional information to fill in the gaps does not call for a new submission number. 

However, the following year, when you re-submit an entire response, we will will want the next submission number in sequence to be assigned.

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