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April 22, 2009:  We found a dead link leading into Section 3. We also discovered that two links to Section 4 for schools and programs offering direct services were leading to the version of section 4 for non service providers (holding companies, contract management companies).  Those have been fixed.  Note:  If you are a single site direct service provider (A Number of 1) your Section 4 is View 4.1.   If you are a multiple site direct service provider (A number of 2) your Section 4 is View 4.2.   If you are not a direct service provider (A number nether 1 or 2)  your Section 4 is View 4.3


April 20, 2009:  We are getting helpful feedback from people working through the questionnaire.   People are asking, “Where is  Section 2?”  “How can I get all the documents I need at once? 


As a result of getting these questions we are making some changes to clarify instructions.  But remember this:


To get through the questionnaire, you need to approach this like a scavenger hunt.  Follow instructions carefully, literally, and in detail.   You will not be downloading documents in numerical order by section.  If you go through the web pages in order according to your situation you will eventually get to all of the file documents you need.  If it isn’t clear or don’t know what to do or something isn’t working, ask us!  Feedback and questions are not annoying.  They are the means by which we improve this!!


We have made one change in meaning that is important to all with “A numbers” 1 and 2 (all direct service providers).  If you have already gone through the instructions, go back and look at this change following links below.  If you are reading this page for the first time, or you have not gone far enough to know your A numbers, don’t use the links below.  Doing that now will confuse you even more! 


If you have an A number of 1, Click here.


If you have an A number of 2, Click here.

In addition we have found several errors with references to a "View 9.2"  The problem is, there is not View 9.2.  (We had started out assigning that view number to what becameView 9.8 and failed to change all references to it)  View 9.8 is the cover sheet for every attachment or supporting document.  You will need it if you have any attachments or supporting documents.  There was also an error  that gave people with an A number of 1 a path to View 4.3 in section 4.  If you have an A number of 1, your Section 4  should be View 4.1. If your A number is 2, your Section 4 should be View 4.2.  If you have neither 1 or 2 as an A number, your Section 4 is View 4.3.  

We have also added bolder type at downloads so they are easier to see.  Please let us know if you see further problems. 


 Questionnaire First Page   Intro Page

Last updated  April 23,  2009






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