Section 4: Affiliated Organization -- A Number =7
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You were directed to this page because you have "7" as an "A number."  That indicates you are an affiliated organization, by our definition. 

Please download to your computer:  Questions for Affiliated Organizations.   You will also need to download Section 6 View 6.071 and either Section 6 View 6.072 or Section 6 View 6.073 or possibly all three. You may download them from here or from the  Questions for Affiliated Organizations, where the links also appear.

Remember to make a note of these Views (Section 6 View 6.07, Section 6 View 6.071, Section 6 View 6.072,and Section 6 View 6.073)  on your Section 4, View 4.2. You will have the first two of these and at least one of the last two. You will not know whether or no you will need both of the last two until you complete your entries into the first two. We don't want you to list both of the last two unless you will actually be using them.

If you have a 9 for an A Number please click here

If you have no remaining "A number"  please click here. 

You must have an A number of 5, 6, or 7, but only one of those.  If you have an A number of 5, you cannot have any remaining A number other than 9.

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