Section 4: Holding Companies -- A Number = 3
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You were directed to this page because you have "3" as an "A number" and not "1" or "2."  That indicates you are a Holding Company (Parent Organization, Umbrella Organization) by our definition and do not provide direct services.  You may have other "A numbers" larger than 3 as well.

Please download to your computer:  Questions for  Holding Companies (Parent Organizations, Umbrella Organizations).   You will also need to download Section 6 View 6.031. You may download it from here or from the Questions for  Holding Companies (Parent Organizations, Umbrella Organizations), where the link also appears.

Remember to make a note of these two Views (Section 6 View 6.03 and Section 6 View 6.031) on your Section 4, View 4.3.  

If you have a remaining "A number," please click on it from the group below. If you have more than one please click on only the lowest remaining "A number"  -- or 9 if there is a problem selecting the correct number.

4    5    6    7        9

If you have no A number larger than "3" please click here. 

 Questionnaire First Page   Questionnaire Page 2

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