Section 4: Holding Companies -- A Numbers = 1,3
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You were directed to this page because you have both a "3" and a "1" as an "A number."  (You have at least one more "A number")  That indicates you are not only a Holding Company (Parent Organization, Umbrella Organization) by our definition but, in addition to the other organizations you control, you directly provide services at a single location.

Please download to your computer:  Questions for  Holding Companies (Parent Organizations, Umbrella Organizations).   You will also need to download Section 6 View 6.031. You may download it from here or from the Questions for  Holding Companies (Parent Organizations, Umbrella Organizations), where the link also appears.

Remember to Revise View Numbers as instructed in View 6.031 and to follow instructions regarding attachments.

Remember to make a note of these two Views (Section 6 View 6.03 and Section 6 View 6.031) on your Section 4, View 4.1.     

What are your additional A numbers?  Please select from the following the lowest "A number" greater than 3 that applies to you, resulting from your responses to the questions in Section 1.  Click on the lowest number that applies -- or 9 if there is a problem selecting the correct number.

4    5    6    7        9

Since all organizations have one A number out of the group 5, 6, and 7, you do have at least one more. 

 Questionnaire First Page   Questionnaire Page 2 "Additional A Numbers"

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