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Now that you have completed your selection of A numbers, it is time to select the B numbers.

First Download Section 2 and save it on your computer. Remember to keep a filename that ends with "2.2.doc" .  Go through the document immediately and identify your B numbers. As you do that, either enter them into Section 4 immediately or write them down on a scrap of paper for later reference.    (Note that we entered a correction in this paragraph at 10:45 AM Eastern Time, April 20, 2009.  It is important that you follow our filename system. The previous version said to choose your own filename. That was an error)

Please click on each B number (below) that has been assigned.  During alpha stage many B numbers will not yet be links; during beta a few might still not be links. If there is not a link then the document for that B number is not yet developed. 

The links below take you to .doc files with specific questions to be answered -- unless the .doc file is not yet created, in which case the link goes to a web page telling you the link is not yet ready.  Remember this is a Beta test.  The document that comes up might not be completed yet. 

The document that you get by clicking on a B number will, in many cases, direct you to a further document. When that happens you do need the additional document. Don't forget to record that document in Section 4. 

Click on your B numbers below:

10 11 12 13 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 311 312 313 314 32 33 34 41 42 43 44 45 46 47  49 51 52 53 54 59 71 72 73 79 81 91 92

Now, likewise, select your C numbers and the documents that go with them.  Record them on your Section 4 Document.  You may Download Section 3 so you can identify your C numbers.  Now click on the C numbers below that apply to you after responding to the questions in Section 3.   Note that in some cases, you will need to download additional documents. Links for those documents will appear on the file you download. 

Click on your C numbers below:

11 121 122 13 14 15 16    99

Please record your C numbers and the documents they guide you to in Section 4 View 4.2, which you have probably already downloaded to your computer.  If you have not, you may click on the link in this paragraph.

When that is complete, download the final instructions for completing the questionnaire.  That page will take you to the end of the questionnaire. 

 Questionnaire First Page   Questionnaire Page 2

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