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You made it this far.  Congratulations!

You have been referred to this page because you have “2” as an “A number.”

Confirming that you are in the right place:

That you have arrived here tells us that you are a direct service provider with a single service location.  You arrived here because you get a "A number" of 2, due to being an organization that provides direct services in multiple locations.  If you have only one location where you provide service, please go back, and give yourself an "A number" of 1, rather than 2 (perhaps in addition to other A numbers).

Keep in mind that if you operate a residential school or treatment center and have a house at a separate location for more advanced participants, that is a two location situation, and you should have an "A number" of 2, not 1.  If the facility you are reporting about is separately incorporated, even if controlled by the organization on which you are reporting, then we want a questionnaire from the corporation that actually operates the facility, and you are more likely an umbrella organization with an "A number" of 3, not 1 or 2.  in that case, we urge you to complete the questionnaire with an A number of 3 and have the operating group complete a questionnaire with an A number of 1 or 2. 

On the other hand, having a separate location only for business or management purposes does NOT mean you have multiple locations for purposes of this question.  If you only have one direct service location, your "A number" is still 1.  If you go to your clients, such as to their homes, but your staff who do that are all based at the same location, there is still just one direct service locations for our purposes. 

Moving ahead from here:

You need to download and save on your computer with names of your choosing:

Section 4

Be sure you actually download this, save it to your computer and work with it from your computer.   Some browsers are likely to confuse the situation by bringing up a distorted version contained within the browser.

We use an Excel Spreadsheet as a  checklist to be sure that your questionnaire submission is complete. You will probably find it handy for the same purpose. We are processing the list of possible Views into links to the View represented so that you can go back to identified Views from this location.   You cannot complete this form until you have identified your A, B, and C numbers and determined the downloads that arise from them. In some situations you will learn the correct downloads from a prior download.  So, in reality, you will be completing Sections 5, 6, and 7, before you know all of the entries you will need to put into Section 4, so you will need to keep the spreadsheet available to backtrack to it, as you discover new Views to insert.  

Many questions call for various documents to be attached. You will need a copy of View 9.8 to use as a cover sheet for attachments. You will need to revise the View Number as instructed on View 9.8 and on this webpage  You will also need to list these attachments at the bottom of the Section 4 Spreadsheet. Begin the list of attachments using the left two columns.  When you get to the bottom of those two columns, start the next two.  If you need more space, that section of the spreadsheet can be extended.  Basic knowledge of Excel will tell you how to do that -- or ask us

If your computer has the capacity, we suggest that you  keep Section 4 open on background while you work with your remaining A, B, and C numbers and the associated questions they lead to.  Then you can enter each piece of information as you obtain it.  

 Please download:

Section 6, Location information, View 6.02

This is where you will tell us where your direct services are provided and how to contact you for admission or enrollment.

When you complete it, you will also need to download View 6.021 so that addresses for multiple locations can be incorporated.  That link also appears on the View 6.02 document.  You will actually need several copies of this, one for each location.  Each will get a revised View Number, following instructions on the document, and then its own filename for saving and for submission to us.

What are your additional A numbers?  Please select from the following the lowest "A number" other than 2 that applies to you, resulting from your responses to the questions in Section 1.  Click on the lowest number that applies -- or 9 if there is a problem selecting the correct number.

But keep this page open for further instructions!  Please read below the links before you close this file.

Since all organizations have one A number out of the group 5, 6, and 7, you do have at least one more.

3    4    5    6    7       9 

The appropriate link above (lowest number with an A number you have) will take you to an additional web page that will guide you to files you must download so you can respond to questions on them.   Many of these questions will call for you to submit supporting documents and other attachments.  For instructions on how to append attachments, please click here.

When you get to the files, download them to your computer before you do anything else with them. Preferably download them to a folder or directory that you created exclusively for this project and keep the filename that comes with them. If you have technical reasons why you must change the filename, do so by adding characters to the left, but keep the filename we assigned intact at the right end of the characters that constitute its name. Once saved on your computer, enter the information requested onto the file itself.  Enter some response to every question or request. If you cannot or will not supply the information requested, enter a statement that you are not responding, and tell us why you are not responding.  Blank responses (except where it says "optional" and where it simply invites additional comment) will lead us to treat your response as incomplete.  If you tell us you are not responding, to certain questions, that will not render your questionnaire response incomplete.  

Go ahead.  You may close this web page now if you understand the instructions above and have clicked on an A number link. 

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