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Congratulations!  The fact that you are on this page probably means you have completed all other parts of the questionnaire.   It is time to put the finishing touches on the project and send your work to us.  Let us walk you through the steps.  There are several versions of this page. This version is for schools and programs and other direct service providers operating from multiple locations.

Step 1:  First, please go back and make sure that you have gone through all of the steps up until now correctly and thoroughly. By now you should have all of Sections 1 through 7 complete.  You should have any documents to be attached or other attachments scanned to PDF files, with a copy of View 9.8 as a cover sheet, with a revised View number to associate it with the correct Section and View.  All Views (through Section 7) and attachments should be recorded in spreadsheet View 4.2

Step 2:  Double check that the *.doc and *.xls files you have used are current.  If any were replaced by an updated version 30 days or more prior to the date we receive your submission of data, your submission will not be current.  If you responded based upon *.doc and *.xls files you obtained more than 30 days ago, you are vulnerable to a problem over that.  If that is the case, only *.doc and *.xls files that were updated over 30 days ago need to be changed before submitting. 

Step 3:  Complete Section 9 View 9.1 identifying person completing and signing certification.  We need this as written to ensure that the organization responding to the questionnaire is taking full responsibility for the content of the responses and allowing us to protect the product with our copyright. 

Step 4:  When you are sure the entire package is as you need it to be, print all of it.  Printing in Black and White is OK.  We understand that printing the .xls file in Section 4 may be awkward, but do the best you can. 

Step 5:  Assemble all of it in order.  First in order according to Section, then in order according to View number.  Where a View has a revised View number it goes in order according to the revised number.  Attachment cover pages that started out as View 9.8 should be placed in order according to revised View number.

Step 6: Number every printed page and initial every page. The person who signs the Certification on View 9.1 should do the initialing.  Page numbers count every page, including the attachments.  If it is not appropriate to write a page number on an attached document you need not do that, but you still need to reserve a number for that page.  For example, if you have an attachment with two pages of supporting documents and a cover sheet (Copy of View 9.8 with a revised View Number) and the numbering leads the cover sheet to be page 23, then the two pages of supporting documents are pages 24 and 25 even if those numbers do not appear on the pages. The next page after that is 26. 

Step 7:  Scan those numbered, printed pages into a PDF file. If you do not have means of scanning, you may fax the entire package to 775-890-0597.  If scanning or faxing into one PDF would make a file too big, you may fax into several in sequence. Whether you scan or fax, do not use a regular fax cover sheet (you still use our View 9.8 as a cover sheet with attachments and supporting documents).  You choose the filenames for these *.pdf files.  if you use a series of *.pdf files rather than a single one, make sure that filenames specify the order in which they belong. 

Step 8:  Arrange the .doc files and .xls files of the various views in order in the way you ordered them for printing and conversion to PDF. Insert the PDF files of attachments following the related View they are attached to, as you did in step 5.   Make sure you follow the filename system we gave you for attachments.    

Step 9: Either email the assembled .doc, xls, and .pdf files onto a CD and or  put them on a CD and mail the CD to us via snail mail.  Whichever means you use, include the PDF of the print, initialed copy with page numbers on the CD or email(s),  unless you created the CD by faxing to us. In the latter case, we already have it.

Step 10: To pay the voluntary processing fee, please either mail a check or complete the credit card authorization form and fax it to 775-890-0597. (The requested amount is $50)  In either case, put your Organization name, Unique ID, and information on how to contact you on or with your check or authorization form. If you use a check, make sure your Unique ID is on the check itself.  We will process your questionnaire whether or not you pay the fee, but we will put those who pay the fee at the top of the list to process.

In case of questions or problems, email us.

 Questionnaire First Page   Questionnaire Page 2

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