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FamilyLightsm  invites other referring professionals both to use this as a resource,  to contribute to it,  and to promote their own practices through it.  For information on contributing, and the benefits of doing so, please see our section, For Contributors. We intend to develop this website into the essential  reliable service for parents and other non-professionals who wish to perform a school or program search on the web for a child or young adult with behavioral or emotional issues. We don't anticipate including the only relevant web information in this website, but we will link to other relevant web information.  We want to make this website the starting point for those searches and to provide people with the means to organize their search.

For a sense of what we are developing, go to our Programs and More section and look around.  To see what is coming to provide all of us with more in-depth information about programs, please look at our section For Schools and Programs. You will see there what we will be asking of them in the way of information referring professionals usually do not have access to. We will post what we get back and  you can access it here. 

We especially encourage you to look at our guidelines,  our initial program reviews and our discussion topics. We want feedback and we want you to have the opportunity to contribute and to publicize your practice here

We expect some negative reaction from other professionals due to the fact that we are attempting to assist parents who want to by-pass direct contact with  professionals. We are not deterred by that concern.  First people will do web searches whether professionals like it or not.  If we can help people search in a quality way, it will improve competitive pressure on the providers to provide quality services.  That helps us.  Second, no matter how much help we or anyone else provides on the web, many parents will discover what a complex task a quality search is, and seek professional assistance.  We frankly hope to guide those people to FamilyLightsm and to our contributors when they discover that professional help is important after all.

We believe this website will be as helpful to some educational consultants, employee assistance counselors, and clinicians as to parents and families.  As we develop our directory, in the foreseeable future, we will have reference to all viable programming serving the private sector for special needs children and young adults.  We also plan to add to the directory section, within the last few months of 2008, listings of programs that serve several specific needs. 

Tom's Blog will involve random musings that will be time referenced and will hopefully show something of the personality of our consultant and some of the human side of our work and of our clients, and the schools and programs with which we interact.  Increasingly, these blog items will be time referenced, although that has not been true with the early entries.  There is potential for guest appearances in Tom's Blog.

Our comments on programs and on various topics should also be of benefit to many. Our guidelines will hopefully stimulate thinking and prompt referring professionals to demand higher standards.

We hope that this website will become a joint effort among quality referring professionals.

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