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FamilyLightsm welcomes contributions from professionals and well informed consumers, commenting on schools and programs or on topics of interest.  Contributors will be recognized with a page dedicated to them, containing what they choose.  (This will not automatically occur when people simply give feedback. FamilyLightsm might offer that at our option but there is no guarantee)  FamilyLightsm will do so consistently for professionally supplied articles following a invitation to submit and for any article we actually publish as a principal article on a topic or on a school or program. Exception:  Schools and programs and people with a vested interest in a particular school or program may not provide a primary review of their own school or program, although they are encouraged to comment on reviews written about them.  We encourage people connected to schools and programs to contribute original articles for "Topics of Interest."

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FamilyLightsm is an educational consulting firm specializing in work with families with a young person with behavioral, emotional or psychological difficulties.  We offer in-depth personal guidance to families on a fee basis and free guidance on the internet. FamilyLightsm attempts to be fully objective and accepts no advertising nor referral fees. The only revenue at FamilyLightsm comes from client fees. 

In addition to what we have illustrated, we will provide an introduction or a  box similar to the one above promoting their practices or other business interest.  Once we have a few contributors we will change our home page to call attention to their contributions and their practices on our home page and in other prominent locations around the website -- possibly adding links to the Contributor's page on the boxes like the one above that already occur various places around website.  The standard format for the box above will likely be altered to promote contributors.  (August 7, 2009:  Due to the impending format change for the entire website, we will not change the box until we update pages to the new format.)

On the Contributors' pages on our website we place a links to any contributions on this web site, other publications they would want to have referenced, and pretty much anything else they want that is in good taste.  As you see, we also give a brief description of their practice, expression of respect for that practice, and a link to the advertising web site of that practice. 

Professionals who contribute may expect those courtesies. Non professionals, such as families, who contribute will be offered space if they find it useful and, after the paid access section of this website is up and running, we will allow them free or discounted access. 

We will give careful consideration to any suggestions from any source for getting accurate and objective information as well as responsible considered opinions.  We will do our best to credit and publicize any person or organization that supports that effort.  For further information on this paragraph, please see Rules for Submission.

Please direct feedback inquiries, and submissions to

Responsible contributions that differ with the viewpoint expressed by FamilyLightsm are welcome and especially encouraged.

People considering contributing might benefit from getting familiar with the rest of the website.  Only "Individual Services" and "About Us" (formerly "Qualifications")  sections, are for marketing FamilyLightsm  exclusively.  We are happy to promote others who contribute. 

We particularly encourage professional responses to what you will find under Guidelines, Tom's Blog, Program Reviews and Topics of Interest.  We seek original contributions to both Commentary columns. 

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