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FamilyLightsm encourages proper use of web content under copyright.  We do ask that you follow our rules.  If you go by our rules, you are welcome not only to guide your constituency to specific items on our website, but also to reprint under your own logo.  If you are thinking of downloading, copying or printing anything from this website, please read the following:

Our copyright covers all material on this web page except as otherwise noted.  This includes articles submitted by others and responses to articles by others. These become our property when submitted. For permission to copy, please contact us at

Attribution Requirements:  Any material copied from any part of this website or where this website is a source for another publication under conditions where the use of the information found here is governed by copyright law, we require that you attribute the sources.  You must maintain a notice of our copyright and the printed phrase "used by permission."  Material must be ordinarily be copied in toto (in specific situations we may waive the "in toto" requirement by written permission only where we ensure proper context).  You must cite the URL(s) of the page(s) where we published the material used.  If the place where you copyright is on the web, in an email or in any other electronic medium, the URL must be a link.  You must cite the date of download. If there is a specific author named, you must cite that author.  If we have information about that author on our website and you are publishing your information used electronically accessible to the web, the name of the author must be a link to our additional information. (The link requirements might be waived in specific situations that present hardship.)   Exceptions to this might occur only as noted. 

We appreciate due credit consistent with the previous paragraph, if you use information from this website in  a manner not subject to copyright law.

Under most circumstances, FamilyLightsm will give permission to commercial users who want to copy from our copyright material in toto so long as attribution requirements are met. However Thomas J. Croke  and Associates, Inc. , copyright owner, reserves the right to review every request for commercial copying, except as noted in the following paragraph:

Articles by or about a person or organization may be copied by that person or organization, subject to attribution requirements noted above. This refers to programs and their owners copying articles under the "Program Reviews" [or "Commentary (Program)"] sections, questionnaire responses, and contributors regarding a page about them in the "contributors" section.  

Information from responses to our questionnaire may be copied according to a slightly more relaxed standard.  Attribution requirements still must be met. However, any organization may copy responses to the questionnaire for their own internal use without gaining permission. If such organizations are working with clients who would be non-commercial users, where those client have permission to copy for their own use as cited below, the commercial organization may download and print the information and distribute it exactly as downloaded, with each distribution including the entirety of any URL.  This requires that our banner or letterhead at the top over every page will show and the copyright notice and the URL of that page also show on the print-0ut.  This is not a permission to re-print or excerpt.  Schools and programs may copy and distribute their own responses to the questionnaire as provided the paragraph above on that topic. Watch for changes to this paragraph. We might liberalize it in the future as we gain experience.

Non commercial users (consumers and families) are permitted to download and print any material on this website, strictly for their personal use, subject to attribution requirements, unless it is copyright material from another source that we have used by permission. 

"Non-commercial users" are parents, students, and their friends who are not involved in any related business and are not accepting any form of compensation for activities related to their activities related to downloading the information. 

Copyright material from another source included here by permission requires permission to be granted by the original copyright holder.  We cannot grant permission for copying such material.

Links to this website from other websites are always welcome, and do not require prior notice or permission from us.  We welcome notification through but we do not require it. 

For permissions and for questions, please contact us at

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